Authors Speak

Boy Writers
Ralph Fletcher Podcast: Boy Writers
Fletcher and Newkirk: Boys and Literacy

Finding your stories:
Christopher Meyers: Everyone Has Stories to Tell
Gail Gibbons: Write What Interests You
Pamela Duncan Edwards: Real Life Characters (Where do stories come from?)
Jane Yolen: What If?
On writing: (Notebooking)
Jack Prelutsky: Stacks of Notebooks
Jack Gantos: Dear Diary
Writing from the heart:
Eve Bunting: Books That Heal The World
Katherine Patterson: A Writer Deals With Tragedy
Gail Gibbons:
Mom, Dad, How Does This Work?
Marc Brown: Real Life Characters
Playing with words:
Kathleen Krull: A Num in the Sun
On revision:
Laurence Yep: A Special Way of Living
Marc Brown: 30 Drafts
Linda Sue Park: Practice Writing
Tips for Writing:
Christopher Paul Curtis: Four Rules for Young Writers
Kate DeCamillo: Advice for Young Writers
Nikki Giovanni: Advice to Writers