Who are we?

We are teachers, K-6, in the Encinitas Union School District who have formed writing cohorts to improve the teaching of writing in our classrooms. Our study centers on the implementation of Writer's Workshop across all grade levels.

Goal of this Wiki:

Our hope is that this Wiki will become a collaborative space for teachers across our district who wish to share writing strategies, students exemplars and writing resources.

To add content to this site:

  1. Select page that you would like to add resources to.
  2. Click on edit this page.
  3. Add the content into the page. If including a a link to a web site, highlight the text or picture you want to create a link for and use the link button on the toolbar to enter the web site address.
  4. After making changes, click on the save button.
  5. If you did steps 1-4 successfully, you will have added content to the EUSD wiki.